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Jars of Clay at Walkway

Grammy award-winning US band Jars of Clay performs LIVE
at Walkway's Easter Concert this holy week. You don't want to miss this.

Are You Listening: The First Morning: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

Barbie Almalbis creates her take on the popular hymn, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee,
one of the cuts in our upcoming album, The First Morning.

Are You Listening: The Gift of Christmas: Away in a Manger

Christmas music from the Are You Listening? series is now up and available for download, FREE.
Check out this week's song feature, Away in a Manger by Marcus Davis, Jr..

Are You Listening: The Gift of Christmas: Gloria

Christmas music from the Are You Listening? series is now up and available for download, FREE.
Check out our first song feature, Gloria by The Plan, with artist message, lyrics and credits.

Are You Listening: Keep Me Company, vol. 1

Volume 1 of the latest album from the Are You Listening? series is now up and available for download, FREE.

Walkway Online - 2012 Edition

An online rendition of the Walkway installation art exhibit at Bonifacio High Street.

How Indonesian Lechon Made Me a Cain

How Indonesian Lechon Made Me a Cain: A person's reflection on Babi Guling and the Cain & Abel story.

Wanderlusting―Supertramp Style

Supertramp Style: Thoughts on Sean Penn's character as Alexander Supertramp in the 2007 film, "Into the Wild."

Small and Now

Sweating the small stuff.

The God Card

A little perspective on why bad things happen to good people.

Under the Sun

A look at why the things we think make us happy often end up a letdown.

No Illusions

Discovering God's realistic expectations from his people.

Station 4 Donation Results

Remember Station 4 of our Walkway exhibit? We have counted all the donations
everyone put in, and the outcome is remarkable.

Uncovering Them

The link between cover music and the decline of humanity.

Walkway 2011 Video

A glimpse into this year's holy week exhibit.

Walkway Online

For those unable to visit Walkway: Reflections on the Stations of the Cross
at Bonifacio High Street, you can now go through it online.

Waking Up in the Desert

Musings from a seasoned traveler on a night in the desert.

Beyond Checklists

A young man's journey of finding purpose and joy in the workplace.


Discovering the essence of faith, regardless of the form it comes in.

Holy Whore

"The Church is a whore, but she is my mother."
– St. Augustine of Hippo

Born to Move

Bebo Bharwani experiences a visceral connection with The Great Migration Series
and shares the day he cried to Nat Geo.

I Get Kermit

Finding wisdom in the well-loved 1979 Muppet song,
The Rainbow Connection.

He is Risen

Easter Sunday. After one week of Walkway, tens of thousands of notes are posted at Walkway's Station 13. Take a closer look at some of the more memorable ones. Post comments, share your experiences, and email us your own Walkway photos.


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